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Technology Overview
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Technology center of Changzhou Tianma Group Co., Ltd. in 1995 December by the provincial Economic Commission identified as the first batch of key support enterprise technology center. In 2005 the establishment of the Changzhou FRP / composite materials engineering and technology research center, technology center, is mainly responsible for market research, new product development and promotion and quality management. Enterprise technology center to carry out science and technology development project chief engineer under the leadership of the group, held at the beginning of each year by Congress, in recognition of achievements last year of the project, at the same time this year on the project contract, in science and technology project development process to advocate "want to do have a chance, do stage, dry into a position" concept, the formation of the good atmosphere of technology within the company. Since the company every year to develop and improve the project in 1999 10 above, the organization of the company, the development of glass fiber geogrid, coating and color gelcoat resin, glass fiber chopped strand mat, braid and other new varieties, a good supporting role for the company's health, fast development. The company attaches great importance to science and technology, talent, the introduction of the annual college students more than 20 people from universities, the existing engineering and technical personnel more than 420 people, has a group of high level in China's glass fiber and unsaturated polyester resin production technology experts, has a high-quality staff team.


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