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Process characteristics of resin matrix composites
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Forming process of resin matrix composites is flexible, its structure and properties can be well designed. A molding method by mold resin composite materials to manufacture all kinds of components, thereby reducing the number and the joint fastener parts, and can save raw material and time; the more prominent are resin matrix composites by fiber types and different arrangement design, the potential performance to the necessary direction. The reinforcing material, more effectively. The composition, structure and arrangement mode of regulation of composite components, not only can make the structure under different force in different directions, but also can be made with rigidity, toughness and plasticity between properties of resin composites and multifunctional products, these are the advantages of traditional materials do not possess. Resin matrix composites also shortcomings, in the process for example, relatively speaking, most of the process more manufacturing resin composite materials, low production capacity, some process (hand lay-up process such as the manufacture of large and medium-sized products and injection process) also has the disadvantages of high labor intensity, product performance instability. Resin matrix composites technology is directly related to the quality of materials, composite effect, "compound thought" can be reflected in the key. The quality control of raw materials, to strengthen the material surface treatment and laying uniformity, molding temperature and pressure, after processing and die design rationality influence the final product performance. In the process of forming, there exists a series of physical, chemical and mechanical problems, needs to consider. Curing in matrix and the interface may produce voids, cracks, lack of plastic zone and plastic zone rich; thermal stress can make the matrix cracks appeared more or less, in many processes also can cause fiber and bent, twisted fiber bundle and broken; some systems if the conditions appropriate to matrix with enhanced chemical reaction between the occurrence of adverse material; in the process after curing, can also cause fiber fracture, the new interface debonding and matrix crack damage. How to prevent and reduce the defects and damage, ensure the fiber, matrix and interface function is a very important problem. There are many different methods of resin composite, continuous fiber reinforced resin matrix composites are generally molding and product at the same time, supplemented by cutting and small connection namely into finished products; premix plastic can be made into various forms of randomly distributed short fibers and particles, and then extrusion, molding.


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