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release agent

Release agent for composite products to prevent the forming die in adhesion, and applying a kind of isolation membrane between the control and the mold, so that the products are easy to break away from the mold, and ensure the product surface quality and die intact. Release agent used mainly in the following categories:

(1) according to the release agent used in different ways with external release agent and release agent within the. Outside the release agent is directly coated on the mold release agent; releasing agent is some point than the ordinary molding temperature slightly lower compounds, in the heating and molding process it into the resin, it is compatible with the liquid resin, but incompatible with the cured resin, the processing temperature conditions, from the matrix resin exudation, formation a layer of isolation membrane between the mold and products.

(2) according to the release agent different state with a thin type (mainly polyester, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, glass paper, plastic film), solution type (including hydrocarbons, alcohols, carboxylic acids and carboxylic acid ester, ketone, carboxylic acid metal salt, amide and halogenated hydrocarbons), paste and wax and wax (solution type includes silicon ester, HK-50 heat-resistant ointment, cylinder oil, gasoline and asphalt) release agent. Medium wax mold release agent is the most widely used a kind of release agent, cheap price, convenient use, non-toxic, demoulding effect is good, the disadvantage is make the product surface oil stain, influence of surface paint, drain coated will make the demoulding difficulty. For large products forming complex shape and solution type stripping using composite agent.

(3) in combination with single release agent type and composite type release agent (including composite component compound and ways of using).

(4) by the use of temperature of mold release agents are at room temperature and high temperature type release agent, such as wax, wax and stearic acid salts at high temperature.

(5) according to their chemical composition of inorganic release agent (such as talc, kaolin) and organic mold-release agent.

(6) according to the multiplexing number of one-time demoulding agent and release agent.


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