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Initiator (initiator) refers to the polymerization of the low molecular monomer molecules or linear molecular chain containing double bond activation and become free radical chain reaction, and the material.

Unsaturated polyester resin in general by the initiator (or light or other initiators) free radical copolymerization with double bond cross-linking agent molecules, the linear molecule crosslinking or type molecules with network structure.

The initiator of cured resin, can effectively control the reaction speed, combined with suitable promoter, meet the curing process requirements, stable quality products.

The type of initiator initiator according to the chemical composition and structure, forming temperature and physical state of the agent itself trigger classification.

(1) according to the classification of chemical composition and structure of the initiator: organic peroxide hydrogen peroxide can be regarded as having different organic substituent derivative, unsaturated polyester used organic peroxides are as follows: (A. alkyl or aryl) hydrogen peroxide (B. two alkyl or aryl) class C. oxidation of two - D. acid ester E. peroxycarbonate two ester F. ketone peroxide. The azo compounds azo initiator decomposition agent not to be basic induction. At constant temperature, dilution and pure liquid form of decomposition rates are the same, the decomposition rate is not affected by the environment. Therefore, azo compounds for curing of the resin containing all kinds of added material is very appropriate, it gives the unsaturated polyester resin has excellent properties for period, but also specific activity quite peroxide safety. Composite initiator compound initiator with prepreg, BMC, SMC plastic and pultrusion process of unsaturated polyester resin, request right - triggered the application period is longer system, also can rapid gelation and cure, or curing time rapid gel and longer, initiator and large mining activity high temperature low temperature initiator mixture, composed of two or more than two kinds of initiator to form compound is initiating system is particularly important.

(2) according to the classification of products forming temperature initiator: room temperature curing system of hand lay-up, injection, injection, pouring and filament winding process generally use the room temperature curing system. Oxidation of organic peroxides and promoter stability at room temperature reduction system, such as methyl ethyl ketone peroxide - cobalt naphthenate and benzoyl peroxide - tertiary amine. The medium temperature curing system molding temperature at 50 ~ 100 ℃. A kind of high temperature oxidation by peroxide ester and two acyl peroxide decomposition of organic peroxides and accelerator reduction system, another kind is the low temperature decomposition of peroxides. The general used curing system, benzoyl peroxide oxidation of cyclohexanone and cobalt naphthenate, system consists of isopropyl hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide and special accelerator is another kind of system. This kind of system for corrugated tile, pulling plate, continuous forming extrusion, injection, prepreg and SMC (temperature, pressure) and molding process. Molding temperature of high temperature curing system in more than 100, the initiator must consider the application period, resin flow in the mold, reactivity and product physical - chemical properties. Is mainly used for the molding of SMC and BMC in the.

Initiator peroxide is flammable, explosive and dangerous goods, on the human respiratory tract, skin, eyes have a stimulating effect, on the production, storage and use of the process should strictly comply with the safety rules.


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